Types of bluff

February 19th, 2010 by admin

In best casino bets there are 2 main types of bluff and you must be familiar with them if you want to be a profitable player.

The first kind of bluff is the pure bluff, where you will place a bet or raise when you have a bad hand with no chance of improving. One of the most common examples of such bluff is in a 5 card draw, where the player will have queen high and places a bet or raises and hopes that all of the players will fold. That is the riskier type of bluff, because if you fail to make it right you will loose all of the bets you have made. However if you spend some time examining all of the other player’s moves you will decide whether to make it or not. Obviously, being the seasoned poker player needs more than only the knowledge of basic know how’s as well as rules, it as well necessitates skills, concentration, as well as discipline.

The second type of bluff is the semi bluff, where you will be able to place a bet or raise, when you have low hand, but you have chances of improving it. One of the most common examples of that bluff is when the player has 4 cards from a straight flush and is waiting for the five one. Online texas poker is very good to try for all of the beginner players, but have in mind that improving such hand do not happen very often, so you will have to think carefully what are the chances of improving your hand. Since many people have already started playing online poker daily, poker has now gained more of popularity. Thus, here on this article you can see, there are different technique of playing bluff and how you can be successful in your attempt to play an online poker game.